Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mad City Chickens

I was crushed to have missed the screening of Tarazod Films "Mad City Chickens" at Lakefront Brewery the other night because I had a meeting to attend on behalf of the Tosa Farmers Market. Today, however, I happily stumbled upon a version of the film that can be viewed online at Wisconsin Public Television's Director's Cut.

I've been interested in backyard chicken rearing for over a year now and have been eagerly following the progress of groups like Shorewood Chickens, figuring that if folks in a suburb like Shorewood can compell their city to change an ordinance banning chickens, perhaps Wauwatosa can do the same. Strapped as I am for spare time, however, I don't really have the ability to organize a movement of our own in Tosa -- yet. So I'm watching and waiting to see what happens in places like Shorewood and Milwaukee proper.

In the meantime, a friend of mine and I thought it might helpful to start a "fan page" at Facebook called "Tosa Chickens" to gauge interest in this concept. If you support backyard chickens and live in Tosa, please become a "fan" of Tosa Chickens on Facebook.

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