Monday, April 13, 2009

Butterfly Terrarium and Salad Table

Yesterday I had the pleasure of picking up two products developed by my talented mother and father-in-law: a 6' tall, screened "butterfly terrarium" to house my Luna moths, still resting in their cocoons, and a "salad table." My mother-in-law fashioned the screening for the terrarium, and my father-in-law did woodwork for both projects.

The terrarium is in my office, near a north-facing window. I hope to grow some kind of plant inside and raise future generations of luna moths within the screening.

I placed the salad "table" (which actually looks more like a drawer with screening on the bottom) onto the rusty metal frame of an antique soapstone utility sink we removed from our basement last summer. It's sitting on a largely unused patch of concrete next to my house. I lined the bottom of the three cells of the table with dead leaves, then topped with potting soil and seed starter. Mixed in some coffee grounds and worm castings, then planted one of the cells with lettuce mesclun seeds. Will plant the other two cells later -- want to stagger the harvest. Mulched, as per usual, with peat moss.

Here's a link to a page with photos of my father-in-law Stan's other wood projects. My home is filled with mission-style furniture he crafted in his home wood shop.

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