Sunday, April 19, 2009

Paschal Plants

Mesclun lettuce seeds in front porch pots (planted April 9) sprouted today, on Eastern Orthodox Easter (Christos Anesti!)

We're working on our ongoing basement improvement project tonight, and I'm thinking of trying to propagate some of my tropical plants so I have something to grow near the basement windows, if for nothing more than to improve the air quality down there.

Looks like I'm giving up on my Calfornia Wonder Peppers, Poblano Chili Peppers and most of the Greek Pepperoncini. It's been weeks now and I've only seen two pepperoncini sprouts, which I just transplanted into larger pots and placed in the east-facing greenhouse. Oh well.

Still only have one adult Luna moth, although two of the remaining four cocoons have been wiggling on and off for the last couple days. I was hoping to have some Paschal moths, but no such luck. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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