Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Green Withdrawal

This time of year, I start to go through green withdrawal. I can already feel myself welling up with a desperate longing for warm weather, for the sweet smell of dirt and rain and chlorophyll and the sight of green life springing from the earth.

In the meantime, I can only hope to soak up winter sun through my kitchen window, nurture my indoor plants, and dream about my springtime gardening and lepidoptera-rearing plans.

To ease my withdrawal symptoms, today I took some stratified White birch seeds out of my fridge and planted them in a small pot. If I can manage to grow a potted White birch indoors, perhaps I will be able to take some Luna moth cocoons out of the fridge and let the moths eclose early (I can't let them eclose until I have ample supply of White birch and/or Black walnut leaves at hand). I'm not very hopeful about this, though. Even if I do get a sprout or two, the baby trees won't have enough leaves to feed hungry moth caterpillars, not for a very long time. Still, it's worth a shot.

Ach! This winter has been mild so far, but it's killing me nonetheless. I miss our sunsets by the Great Lake, I miss warm air, I miss the porch swing and my gardens and nighttime walks. Thank God for the Mitchell Park Conservatory; the domes will be my lifeline until the spring. That and my mini greenhouses, which (I hope) will be filled with seedlings in just a few more weeks.


  1. You're thinking of raising Luna moths and I've spent the last two weekends oiling Gypsy moth egg masses.

    That's irony for you...

  2. OK, but to be fair, Luna moths are almost nothing like gypsies. :)

  3. This year, I'm breaking down and buying a full blown lettuce/cold frame from Garderners.com. Also, I have a few seeds you might be interested in, Heather.
    I already started my toilet paper/paper towel roll collection!