Friday, March 6, 2009

Indoor Spinach and Lettuce

Selected approx. six spinach and six lettuce seedlings and transplanted them to two flats filled with potting soil mixed with dried, crushed egg shells. Added about five red wigglers from my vermicomposter to each flat. There's no drainage in these flats, which could prove to be a problem. Mulched flats with peat moss and placed inside newly assembled One Stop Gardens 4 tier mini green house. The green house is facing east in front of the large sliding glass doors in the kitchen. Hope to grow spinach and lettuce indoors, if possible.

A note about the red wigglers: from what I've read online, there's conflicting info about whether intentionally or unintentionally adding worms from one's vermicomposter to potted plants is beneficial to the plants and to the worms (here's one such discussion). I'm curious about this, so I'm going to do some of my own experimenting.

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